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Going The Distance

The Olympic Jumping Complex is dedicated to showcasing jumping competitions and providing athletes with training facilities that develop our next generation of elite athletes. At the Lake Placid Jumps, you can witness ski jumpers at every stage of their journey, from taking their first leap to soaring the distance of a football field. Our complex features HS 10, 20, 48, 100, and 128 meter ski jumps, where you can observe the athletes’ training as they practice their jumping take-off, and forms descending further down the hill with each flight.

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Freestyle skier jumping into the pool at the Olympic Jumping Complex Pool.

It’s All About Hanging Time

The Olympic Jumping Complex is dedicated to showcasing jumping competitions and providing athletes with training facilities the develop our next generation of elite athletes. Experience an awe-inspiring display of athleticism as athletes train at the Olympic Jumping Complex pool. Watch in amazement as these developing ski and snowboarders practice impressive acrobatic maneuvers, landing gracefully in the Olympic Jumping Complex pool. We have athletes on-site training seven days a week from mid-June through mid-September.

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The Olympic Jumping Complex is dedicated to showcasing jumping competitions and providing athletes with training facilities the develop our next generation of elite athletes. Aerial skiing, or aerials, is a type of freestyle skiing that involves athletes skiing off of jumps and performing acrobatic tricks and flips in the air before landing on a hill or in a pool. Lake Placid, NY is home to an aerial skiing facility, and Olympic Freestyle Pool, which was built for the 1980 Winter Olympics. The pool is designed with a special ramp that allows skiers to launch themselves into the air and perform complex tricks, including flips and twists. It’s a challenging sport that requires a lot of skill and practice, but it’s also a thrilling spectacle to watch as athletes soar through the air and perform gravity-defying maneuvers. Our pool is a development tool used to train freestyle skiers. Watch them train and witness athletes in action as they hone skills and prepare for the next winter.



OJC development ESWG Ski Jumping childrenNew York Ski Education Foundation (NYSEF)

It is the mission of NYSEF to provide opportunities for athletes of all ages to reach their potential in snow sports– alpine, biathlon, cross country, freestyle skiing, nordic combined, ski jumping and snowboarding– through professional guidance and financial support.

NYSEF is a non-profit organization that provides educational opportunities for children and young adults through athletic training in snowsports. NYSEF helps young people develop personal skills important to becoming confident individuals by building athletic capability, sportsmanship, self-discipline, and self-esteem.

With these skills, young athletes are better equipped to achieve academic excellence and to pursue college studies, professional training, or other personal goals. NYSEF believes that sport teaches work ethics, determination, and builds character. The NYSEF program gives young men and women the necessary tools to be successful in life.

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Athletes to Watch

OJC World Cup Awards base winter ski jumps

Tate Franz USA NordicTate Frantz (born 2005) – Tate Frantz was first named to the U.S. Men’s Junior National Team in 2020. In addition to attending the Northwood School, Frantz trains at the NTG in Lillehammer, Norway. Growing up training with NYSEF and local Lake Placid coaches, he was first named to the U.S. Men’s Junior National Team in 2020 and has since been competing internationally. For this event, he returns to compete in his own hometown in his debut World Cup event as the youngest athlete in the competition this year.

statueAthletes who have trained at the Olympic Jumping Complex:

Art Devlin (1922 to 2004) – Competed in the 1950s, finishing fifth in the individual large hill event at the 1950 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships held in Lake Placid. Selected for five Winter Olympic Games and competed in 1952 and 1956, where he finished 15th and 21st, respectively, in the large hill. Also, served as an instrumental community leader in bringing the 1980 Olympics to Lake Placid.

Jay Rand (born 1950) – Competed in the 1968 Winter Olympic Games and the World Championships in 1970 and 1974. Served as the manager of the Olympic Jumping Complex for 15 years after the 1980 Games and manager of Whiteface Mountain for 15 years after that. Also served as a supervisor for the Town of North Elba, in which the Village of Lake Placid is located.

Bill Demong (born 1980) – A Nordic Combined skier and the first American ever to win an Olympic Gold Medal in a Nordic sport. He is also a five-time Olympian who competed in Nagano, Salt Lake City, Torino, Vancouver, and Sochi. He learned to jump in the New York Ski Educational Foundation (NYSEF) program in Lake Placid and attended the National sports Academy, also in Lake Placid. After retiring from competition, he served as the President and CEO of Nordic Sport.

Peter Frenette (born 1992) – Placed in the top 20 at the Continental Cup competition in Japan in 2009. He then competed at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, finishing 11th in the team large hill, 32nd in the individual large hill, and 41st in the individual normal hill events.

USA Teams

OJC USA Nordic Ski Jumping Team World Cup 2023

USA Nordic

USA Nordic Sport strives to instill these values in Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined athletes nationwide. Fly high with us as we aim to make the U.S. one of the best Nordic countries in the world.

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US Ski and Snowboard

USSS, we’re built around one common goal—provide the right resources for athletes who are inspired to be the Best in the World. Freestyle skiing includes aerials and moguls competition and consists of a skier performing flips and spins and while jumping, or skiing down a mogul-covered trail.

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"It’s a special hill. Nothing like I’ve ever tried before but a fun one. I’m happy to be here and looking forward to the competition. Very nice accommodations. Very good training facilities. The food is good and yah, I think it's nice."
—Marius Lindvik, Team Norway Beijing Olympian